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Interview with Dr. Campbell

In September 2013, Dr. Campbell started the school year as an interim principal, following the departure of AB’s previous principal, Dr. Callen. She was then appointed the permanent principal in November 2013. Dr. Campbell reflects on her experience last year and discusses AB’s future. What were your most memorable experiences from last year? The nice […]
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3D Printer Takes AB to New Dimension

New 3-D Printer in the 242S Mac Lab Ever wish you could create a digital model of something on the computer and be able to hold it in your hands an hour later? This previously inconceivable feat is now possible with 3D printing. This relatively recent technology first appeared in the 1980’s, but it was […]
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AB’s Website: Revamped

Our old school website, though sufficiently effective, was very much in need of an update, so Ms. Hurley, the school’s office manager and the principal’s secretary, took it upon herself to improve it. Ms. Hurley began her work in the administration office last November, and her job entails managing content pertaining to the Acton-Boxborough Regional […]
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