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Brattle Premieres Local Indie Film Shot in Brookline

Thursday evening the Brattle will feature “the loudest sound”, an independent film by Brookline resident Director Jason Miller. The film depicts a young Boston couple and the breaking of their three-year bond by addiction and betrayal through the visual interchange between color and black and white. Miller says the inspiration behind the film is a mix of personal experience and a desire to write film stories that depict the truths and challenges of interpersonal relationships. “The relationship depicted with Michael and Alice,” the film’s focal characters, “has shades of codependency that affects many couples,” Miller says. Miller adds that “As a film, a lot of inspiration came from the great American movies of the 1970's” which were, “Films that dealt ...
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Booked: Jeremy Sewall

This Saturday, 12/13, at 6 p.m. at the Brookline Booksmith, 279 Harvard Street, Boston Chef Jeremy Sewall, the Chef and owner of Brookline’s Lineage restaurant, Island Creek Oyster Bar and the "workingman's oyster bar" Row 34 will be signing his first cookbook. "The New England Kitchen: Fresh Takes on Seasonal Recipes", co-authored by Erin Byers Murray ("Shucked: Life on a New England Oyster Farm"), is a beautiful volume of Sewall’s contemporary twists on New England classic dishes perfect for serving in Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer. I emailed with Chef Sewall about the common misconception that New England cooking is “stodgy” and what it was like balancing work on a cookbook with the demands of the restaurant business.
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1980 Comedy Airplane! Excellent Choice For Coolidge Theater’s Science On Screen

How much science is actually in "Airplane!", the 1980 classic disaster comedy? Not much, as most of the plot centers on a love story—boy loses girl, boy chases girl, boy becomes a hero, boy wins girl. Rated by Bravo as one of the funniest comedies of all time, the film’s satire is a response to the many popular catastrophe films of the 70s, and plays on a common fear of the rare flight crash. Satire and romance aside, it is the film’s close-ups of the operations within the B-707 cockpit and representation of technical and communication errors between the crew and air traffic control that make it a surprisingly excellent choice for the Coolidge Corner Theater’s lecture series Science on ...
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