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Blizzard Preparation Tips

The impending storm slated to begin this evening is being described as a "crippling" and "historic" by the National Weather service.  The blizzard is expected to bring up to 2 feet of snow, high wind gustsand scattered power outages.  In preparation, Brookline and state agencies have prepared a number of sources for information and help.
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This is What I Want Tomorrow to Look Like in Brookline

In my house, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a hero. My dad was proud of the number of Jewish Americans who marched in Civil Rights protests. He sobbed when MLK was murdered. If my dad had been alive two years ago, he would have given his full support of my producing a video for the 2013 MLK Day Celebration in Brookline and proud of our young people featured in the video that participate each year in the Sojourn to the Past.
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Brookline Police Reports : January 9-13

DUI, traffic violations and an arrest for possession with the intent to distribute recorded in the Brookline Police log.
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