Burlington Science Center

Art Renditions of Skeletons from Mrs. Chang’s Art Classes at BHS

The Science Center loans out materials to all grade levels to enrich the curriculum here in Burlington.  Some great examples are these renditions of our human skeleton models from Mrs. Chang’s Art Classes at Burlington High School.  Congrats to the art students and Mrs. Chang for their outstanding work. Thanks to Mrs. Chang for sharing […]
Burlington Science Center

Science Center Animal Anarchy? Fox Hill Fifth Graders to the Rescue!

Last month Mr. Musselman visited the Fox Hill fifth graders to beg for their help. Total anarchy had swept the Science Center after our mischievous had escaped and ruined many of their homes. With students recently wrapping up a unit on animal characteristics and classification, there was no better group of students to put their knowledge and talents together to engineer new shelters for the Science Center animals.
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