Mucka Finyardi looked across the water and Christopher Columbus Park at Long Wharf the other night.
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Exploring Charlestown’s Past

In celebration of archeology month, City of Boston Archeologist, Joseph Bagley, led a tour from the Bunker Hill Monument, through the big dig, and down to City Square on Oct. 7. Presented by The Charlestown Historical Society and the Charlestown Preservation Society, the tour was free and open to the public. It covered 3,000 years of Charlestown history, and highlighted the true shape of the fortifications on Breed’s Hill, and Native American sites. “One of my goals is to find sites that are hidden in my own space that were curated by my predecessors, and use the materials that are here to write the history of Boston,” Bagley said. Beginning on Breed’s Hill, Bagley discussed the archeological testing done since ...
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Among the Best in Boston: Halloween 2014 Events for Charlestown

In 1985, eight families decided to “take back the night” for Halloween. After suffering “Mischief Night” and Halloween with smashed pumpkins, egged homes and slashed tires, Maggie Moss Tucker and Paul Tucker hired a police detail to protect their home and cars.  Tired of fear, they used their energy and money to collaborate with seven other Charlestown families, and called themselves The Charlestown Parents Association. They decorated their homes, joined forces with The National Parks Service Bill Foley, and created the first safe, fun and memorable Charlestown Halloween with trick or treating. The Twenty Ninth Halloween Parade and Trick or Treat at Monument Square on October 31, 2014 will continue the tradition of bringing joy to children, families, and friends ...
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Kerry, Patrick Tour WITC in Charlestown

Last Thursday U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry joined Governor Deval Patrick and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom Philip Hammond at Charlestown’s  Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s (MassCEC) Wind Technology Testing Center (WTTC) to tour the facility and talk about global climate change. Kerry, Patrick and Hammond took the opportunity to highlight the state’s nation-leading efforts to mitigate and prepare for global climate change impacts. Patrick said in 2007, Massachusetts had 3 megawatts of solar capacity and 3 megawatts of wind capacity. Today there are 664 megawatts of solar and 106 megawatts of wind installed. Massachusetts is number one in the Nation for energy efficiency for a third consecutive year, according to the American ...

It's good to be foreign secretary

You get to do lots of travel and you never have to worry about getting caught in traffic. The Right Honourable Philip Hammond, Her Majesty's foreign secretary, popped into town today to take a look at the windmill blade testing facility in Charlestown, as one does. As Ian shows us, he got an escort by staties and BPD to speed him to and from Charlestown.
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