The topic wasn't sunscreen

In April 1965, the Boston City Council was arguing over urban renewal plans for Charlestown. Probably the only time a city councilor has called another one a "bald-headed s.o.b." at a public meeting (but not the only time someone has thought about it).
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Locals Play a Part in History

“Battalion Volley,” yelled the generals last Saturday, April 18, as hundreds of muskets fired into a grouping of British regulars. Cannon and musket fire filled the air with loud bangs, smoke rose from the field, explosions sounded and war broke out in earnest as the Battle Road reenactment in Lexington at Tower Park got underway. It wasn’t a time machine trip into the time representing the outbreak of the American Revolution, but it was the next closest thing – a full-scale re-enactment. Every April men, women and children get into uniform, grab their muskets and head to Lexington to take part in the Patriot’s Day reenactments and Battle Road battles that took place back in 1775. The re-enactments commemorate the first ...
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St. John’s Mousin Ready to Celebrate 175th Anniversary

It seems that 175th anniversaries don’t come too often, but for St. John’s Episcopal Church in Charlestown, the church’s 175th milestone couldn’t come at a better time. Rev. Thomas Mousin sat down with the Patriot-Bridge recently to talk over the excitement around the coming anniversary and how it has contributed to an energy that was already building within the community for the past several years. As with many old churches in the Boston area, there was a time when St. John’s pews were mostly empty on Sundays, save a few die-hard members who put hard work and sweat equity into keeping the ministry fresh and the buildings maintained. However, those days are gone and Mousin said there has been a ...
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We Are the Bunker Hillbillies……

On Saturday, April 25 from 5:30-8:00 p.m., St. John Episcopal Church will be hosting a gala at the old “Bank Building” at One Thompson Square. There will be historical presentations, guest speakers, refreshments and activities designed to “turn back the clock” on the Charlestown way of life. Also part of the festivities will be a performance by the Bunker Hillbillies. Established by Boys Club musical director Bob Mundstedt in 1939, the group appeared on programs such as Big Brother Bob Emery, Boomtown, Major Mudd, Bozo the Clown, Community Auditions, Jabberwocky and even entertained President Nixon at the White House playing classic tunes such as Roll Out the Barrel, Ma She’s Making Eyes at Me, She’s Too Fat Polka and, of course, the ...

Fire rips through Charlestown home, kills pets

The Boston Fire Department reports a short circuit sparked a fire at 311 Main St. that killed several pets and sent one firefighter to the hospital with a neck injury. The fire was reported around 11:40 a.m. The six residents were not at home at the time. Firefighters were hampered at first when they couldn't get any water. Sat, 04/04/2015 - 11:40
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