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Rockland: Student Dies in Greece on Senior Trip

A Rockland High School student died today in Greece during the school’s senior class trip. […]
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Brockton: Resigned Plymouth County DA’s Top Prosecutor Issues Statement

The top prosecutor in the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office issued a statement after resigning […]
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From our Archives…”mothers and others doing business in the area who are allegedly being ticketed unmercifully by Cohasset Police since last October”

I’m re-running this to refresh the memory of now former PD officer Pat Kenney who called me this morning to tell me his memory of nursery school parents being ticketed. Tinytown Unleashed had referred to the same in a recent blog. He said the Cohasset PD had been called by the nursery school director to…
Tinytown Unleashed

Cohasset Police Chief apointment political donnybrook

It is now fully apparent that the appointment of the town’s police chief has become a political donnybrook. This is the exact opposite situation that the Town Manager, the BOS and similarly knowledgeable citizens sought when they placed the screening and evaluating of the candidates into the hands of a highly regarded. well experienced professional…
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Inbox Management Part I: Folders & Filters

Is your inbox out of control? Do you dread logging in to see how many emails await you? We will show you how to tame that insanity with folders and filters!
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Birthdays at New England Sports Academy {Review}

Read all about how NESA does birthday parties!
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