Somebody with the right priorities today

The Jaded Gardener reports: Overheard at Dorchester Stop & Shop, "Not the fat free cheese, this is the Super Bowl dammit!"

The Space Saver's Manifesto - with Q&A

The Scott space with bonus space savers. A question from a Dorchester resident who came home to find her space-saving beach chair trapped under somebody else's car got fellow Dorchester resident Tracy Scott to thinking - and expounding. Over the course of a couple of hours on Twitter yesterday, she set down the basic principles of Boston space saving - and answered questions from skeptics. What follows is an edited version of her thoughts and her answers to those questions.

Space-saver etiquette question

Caroline Cruise of Dorchester asks: What's the parking etiquette here: someone parked right on top of my space saver. Beach chair is trapped under their car. Neighborhoods: DorchesterFree tagging: snowBlizzard of 2015ParkingTopics: Weather
My Dorchester - Connecting the Dorchester Community

FREE tax clinics at Codman Square Health Center | Jan 26-April 15

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My Dorchester - Connecting the Dorchester Community

Fit Kitchen at All Dorchester Sports League | Jan 24 - Feb 21

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