Man with gun, police officer exchange shots at Lee School

Sun, 12/21/2014 - 22:58Police are looking for a guy they say shot at an officer around 11 p.m. outside the Lee K-8 School on Talbot Avenue in Dorchester. The officer, who was not hit, returned fire, then chased him to a fence at the cemetery behind the school, which he jumped and disappeared. Police recovered a black jacket and a silver handgun on the school's basketball court.Free tagging: GunsTalbot AvenueNeighborhoods: DorchesterTopics: Crime

A seasonal flood warning on Morrissey Boulevard

Morrissey sign programmers should find something good in their stockings. Topics: DrivingNeighborhoods: Dorchester

Here's why police keep telling you not to leave anything interesting in your car

A Fields Corner resident forwards this video from her surveillance camera this morning: It shows a guy peering inside cars on Ditson Street (0:15), trying the door of a car that has something that piqued his interest, all casual like (0:30) and then, when it turns out the car is locked, he goes and finds a rock (1:10), which he uses to smash in the car's window (1:59) - a task that takes him several tries. He reaches in, grabs and pockets something, saunters away - and then returns (3:50) to open the car and spend some quality time inside the car rummaging around. After all that effort, all he got was a flip phone.
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