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Letter to the Editor: Supporting Joe Ruggiero

Dear Sir or Madam, As our community moves toward the election of its next State Representative, we are fortunate to be presented with several talented and worthy candidates. One individual, however, has earned my support. That person is Joseph Ruggiero, III. It has been my pleasure to know Joe for over twenty years. He has impressed me as someone who values education and who will impart the importance of education to the youth in our neighborhood. Joe has been a mentor to many young athletes in East Boston and he understands the life lessons that can be gleaned from participation in sports. Win or lose, teammates learn to help each other because the end result of team sports is not ...
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Primary Countdown:Voters Go to Polls on Tuesday in Democratic Primary

The five candidates for the Democratic nomination for the East Boston state representative seat are in the final week of their campaigns heading in to the primary election set for this Tuesday, March 3. Ed Deveau, Camilo Hernandez, Adrian Madaro, Joe Ruggiero, and Lou Scapicchio are contending for the seat previously held by Carlo Basile, who resigned in January to become chief secretary in the Governor Baker Administration. According to the City of Boston Election Department, there are 16,000 Democratic and Unenrolled voters who are eligible to cast their ballots in Tuesday’s election. The election has created significant interest in East Boston as the candidates have worked hard for every vote. One of the unique aspects of the election is ...
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Hernandez Seeks State Representative Post

Camilo Hernandez officially announces his candidacy for State Representative for the 1st Suffolk District.  The following is his statement: “It is a pleasure to announce my candidacy as State Representative for the 1st Suffolk District (East Boston). It is time that the voices of the residents are heard. It is time that our community has access to the resources regardless of their ethnic background or their economic status. We are a diverse community and we need diverse resources. It is time for legislation to be done by listening to our community first. At the office in Beacon Hill I will write legislation, but the real work is done here, in our community, listening to the issues of our residents.” Camilo ...
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Roy Greene is a Boston Globe assistant metro editor and editor of this East Boston site.