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East Boston High School – Life Sciences Outreach Program

According to Alia Qatarneh, Research Assistant for the Life Sciences Outreach Program at Harvard University, experimental learning in high school science classrooms has been continuously advancing, with more students engaging in complex procedures. Not only do East Boston High School (EBHS) AP (advanced placement) Biology and Biotechnology students learn about DNA, but they have the opportunity to isolate their own genetic information through their participation in the Amgen Biotech Experience Program (ABE), hosted by Harvard University. “My students have been exposed to techniques that are currently being used in biotechnology fields,” said Amanda Dillingham Greene, EBHS AP Biology Teacher. “Students have gained confidence in their ability to be successful in science while in high school, college, and possibly becoming future ...
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Scapicchio Announces for State Representative Seat

My name is Lou Scapicchio and I am running for State Representative for the 1st Suffolk District. I believe that all citizens have the right to know as much as possible about the candidates asking to represent them in any office. During this campaign, I hope to have the opportunity to speak with every resident of East Boston. I will answer any questions about my background and experience so each voter can make an informed decision about how to use their vote. Come election day, I am confident you will find I am the most qualified candidate for this office. You will also see that I am the candidate who can serve as the best possible advocate for East Boston in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Lou has ...
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Martin Luther King

When one considers that it has been almost 47 years since Martin Luther King was assassinated, it is easy to understand why so many of our fellow Americans today have so little understanding of who he was and what he accomplished. Every school child for the past generation knows well the story of Martin Luther King. But an elementary school textbook cannot truly convey the extent to which he brought about real change in our country.  To anyone under the age of 50, Martin Luther King is just another historical figure. But for those of us who can recall the 1960s, a time when racial segregation prevailed throughout half of our country and overt racism throughout the other half, Martin Luther King stands as one of the great leaders in ...
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