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Carefull out there, an LPD SUV just hit a pole

Pictures by Melissa Romaniello. According to Romaniello, it was coming down the hill and the officer possibly chose the pole as the better option to sliding into oncoming traffic. No word on the condition of the driver or if any, passengers.
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Giant Clams Draw a Line

We usually don’t post photos from Revere, but for this, an exception must be made. State Representative RoseLee Vincent shared these on her facebook page today –
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Lynn Dropout Rates 2014

Along with the graduation rate information, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education also released dropout rate statistics for districts and schools. Statewide, the percentage of students who dropped out during the 2013-14 school year was 2%; the 4-year dropout rate was 5.6%. The difference between the annual dropout rate and the 4-year statistic is that the annual rate refers to the percentage of students in any grade that dropped out in a given school year. The 4-year dropout rate is the percentage of students from a given class, or who started 9th grade for the first time in given year, that eventually dropped out 4 years later. In this case, the 4-year dropout rate refers to students in ...
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Lynn Graduation Rates 2014

On January 27th, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released the 2014 graduation rates at the district level. In 2014, Lynn's four-year graduation rate was 75.8%, an increase of 0.1% from 2013. At the subgroup level, Lynn reported a 70.6% graduation rate for males compared to 81% for female students. English Language Learner students had a 56.9% graduation rate and students with disabilities 52.5%Overall, the statewide four-year graduation rate was 86.1%, up 1.1% from the previous year.Graduation rates in Lynn did vary at the individual school level.Graduation rates at Lynn Classical and Lynn Tech are down slightly from 2013 while Lynn English and Fecteau-Leary saw increases.Below is a comparison of the graduation rates of ...
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Ready for business

Some businesses managed to stay open today even with the travel ban. People were out walking, snowshoeing and even skiing. Plus, the plow drivers must have coffee. The Capitol Diner is ready to open tomorrow morning: Just like he did two years ago… Restaurants, shops and other businesses lost some money due to the storm.…
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