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News on three recently rented DTL Lofts

Share on Tumblr A sponsored post by Nest Forward – Here is a quick update on recent downtown Lynn loft rentals. We just rented these three beauties this month!   New Sherry Block Lofts – 170 Oxford St., Unit 203…Read more →
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Stone Tower

Share on Tumblr thanks to Shawn Hogan of Irish Se7en Photography   Share on TumblrRead more →
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Review – Get kooky with the creepy Addams Family

Share on Tumblr at the Stoneham Theatre Review by Lynn resident Steve Duffy –     Based on the Charles Addams’ beloved and bizarre family, The Addams Family: Musical, is light and sitcom-like.     When Gomez’ (Steve Gagliastro) delightfully…Read more →
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Lynn MCAS Results: Marshall Middle School

As a member of the Thurgood Marshall Middle School Council during the last two school years, I have been able to see how hard the teachers and school administration there are working to improve instruction and student outcomes. In previous years, the school reported lower test scores when compared to the other middle schools in Lynn. On the 2014 MCAS exam, Marshall did see some improvement particularly in math and science, two subjects that they had been an area for concern.  ELA Math Science 6 46 (+2) 38 (+14) N/A 7 48 (+3) 18 (+4) N/A 8 53 (+6) ...
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Lynn MCAS Results 2014: Part II

Below are proficiency rates on the 2014 MCAS by school at the elementary level; also included is each school's Accountability and Assistance Level. Accountability levels are as follows:Level 1:  On track to college and career readinessLevel 2:  Not meeting gap closing goalsLevel 3:  Focus: Lowest performing 20% of schools (including schools with the largest gaps)Level 4:  Priority: Lowest performing schoolsLevel 5:  Priority: Chronically under-performing schoolsPositive or negative numbers in parentheses in the 'ALL' field represent the percent change from 2013. 'School Performance' refers to the school's overall performance relative to other schools statewide that serve the same grade span (percentiles range from 1 - 99). For example, a school performance that is ...
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