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5 Questions: Joe Nichols

5 Questions is a feature by Steve Duffy -       Fans of Joe Nichols have something to look forward to as he hit the road to bring his music to them. Joe will be appearing at the House of Blues tomorrow.     SD: How has your music changed since releasing your first…
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City Council 2-24-15

Prior to the regular Council meeting Tuesday they met as a “Committee of the Whole” to discuss the snow budget and related concerns with the DPW, Police and Fire departments. Council and Committee agendas from 2-24-15 (in PDF)
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Interview with George Thorogood – at Lynn Auditorium Saturday

by Blake Maddux – The Delaware-born George Thorogood released his first album with his band The Destroyers in 1977. This was the first taste that the record-buying public would have of a singer and guitarist who was as capable of putting his own stamp on songs by legendary blues, folk, and country artists as he…
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Lynn Dropout Rates 2014

Along with the graduation rate information, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education also released dropout rate statistics for districts and schools. Statewide, the percentage of students who dropped out during the 2013-14 school year was 2%; the 4-year dropout rate was 5.6%. The difference between the annual dropout rate and the 4-year statistic is that the annual rate refers to the percentage of students in any grade that dropped out in a given school year. The 4-year dropout rate is the percentage of students from a given class, or who started 9th grade for the first time in given year, that eventually dropped out 4 years later. In this case, the 4-year dropout rate refers to students in ...
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Lynn Graduation Rates 2014

On January 27th, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released the 2014 graduation rates at the district level. In 2014, Lynn's four-year graduation rate was 75.8%, an increase of 0.1% from 2013. At the subgroup level, Lynn reported a 70.6% graduation rate for males compared to 81% for female students. English Language Learner students had a 56.9% graduation rate and students with disabilities 52.5%Overall, the statewide four-year graduation rate was 86.1%, up 1.1% from the previous year.Graduation rates in Lynn did vary at the individual school level.Graduation rates at Lynn Classical and Lynn Tech are down slightly from 2013 while Lynn English and Fecteau-Leary saw increases.Below is a comparison of the graduation rates of ...
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