Neighborhood Photos: The Day After

The day after a blizzard brings contradictions. It’s sunny, but the kids are home from school. Some sidewalks are cleared, others not even touched. Here are a few “day after” photos. “Neighborhood Photo” is a regular feature on Did […]

Top 10 @NorthEndBoston Tweets of Winter Storm Juno: How the North End / Waterfront Endured #SnowMageddon

For this special edition of Top Tweets, we explore how residents passed the time surviving Winter Storm Juno. Cars parked along the sidewalks looked like mountain ranges as neighbors shoveled sidewalks and city crews plowed the narrow streets. Social Media […]
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Education Is Walsh’s Top Priority

Listening to the Mayor Martin Walsh’s State of the City address last Tuesday night, one had to be struck by his emphasis on education for Boston Public School students. More than a quarter of his address was devoted to initiatives that he has committed city resources and his time and effort to. A longer school day for Boston students is one of several plans that he outlined on Tuesday night.  Another was a School Building Program that will assess all current Boston Public School buildings for evaluation for their best future educational use.  We support Mayor Walsh in his effort to make Boston Public Schools truly work.  It is very surprising to think of Walsh as an education mayor.  In ...
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The Calm Month

Lots of people complain about January. It is dark. It is cold. It’s a day longer than some months. The hoopla about the holidays is over. Thank goodness. That is the beauty of January. It is not like autumn, the season in which everyone and every organization are trying to crowd in every event they can to make up for the time lost in the summer. Nor is it like December, one headlong rush of parties, presents and much to-ing and fro-ing. Neither is it like April, May and the first week or so of June, in which everyone and every organization are trying to crowd in every event before everyone leaves for the summer. Instead, not much is happening. ...
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Up to their knees in molasses, looking for victims

Around 12:30 p.m. on Jan. 15, 1919, a large, poorly maintained tank full of molasses on a warm day burst, sending a huge wave of gooey death rampaging down Commercial Street, drowning or crushing 21 people and several horses and cats as it battered the supports of the el that ran down the street and knocked a neighboring fire station off its foundation. As with so many other major events in the early and mid-20th century, Leslie Jones was there to chronicle the aftermath.
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Beating the Christmas-tree-disposal rush in the North End

Adam Castiglioni noticed this tree out for disposal tonight on Charter Street in the North End. Michael Ratty noticed a tree out for disposal around noon in the South End.
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