Flaherty Talks Space Savers, Handicap Parking, Zoning Deferrals

City Councilor At-Large Michael Flaherty visited the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) at their February 23, 2015 meeting. Flaherty covered a broad agenda in a half-hour, captured in the video above per the summarized timeline noted below. (00:00) […]

Notable News: Snow Manners, Valet Parking App, Greenway Porch Swings, Baker Olympics Veto?

Does anybody ever ask you, “hey did you see that article in the paper the other day?” Or maybe, “did you see that photo in the Globe yesterday?” If you read the Notable News post every week, when it pertains […]
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Rep Aaron Michlewitz Files Gun Control Measure

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz has filed legislation that would create a statewide gun offender registry list that would be accessible to the public. The legislation is modeled on similar systems in Baltimore and New York that require defendants convicted of specified gun crimes to register their addresses with the police, verify them every six months, and notify the police if they change their addresses for a period of time following their conviction or period of incarceration. “When it comes to gun crimes it is crucial that we do everything we can to try to prevent repeat offenders from committing more acts of violence against the public.”, said Representative Michlewitz. “With this legislation we hope to make an effort to bring ...
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City Council Activities

The Boston City Council met and discussed a variety of issues. Mayor Marty Walsh sent notice of new members for the Animal Control Commission and the Residency Policy Commission. Grants were passed that would benefit the Department of Innovation and Technology as well as the Boston Traffic Management Center.  Councilor LaMattina signed out to a variety of motions, orders, and resolutions including one proposed by Councilors McCarthy and Ciommo  for a hearing regarding snow operations and removal in the City. The Councilor made an impassioned speech thanking all of the City employees and neighbors who have worked tirelessly during this winter of unprecedented snowfall. The Docket #0410 has been referred to the Committee of City, Neighborhood Services, and Veterans Affairs.
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In the North End, somebody takes passive-aggressiveness to the next level with a printed sign offers up one resident's tale of a parking bully.
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City: Can't sweep streets with all that snow and ice out there

Boston's DPW announced today it's holding off on the annual re-start of street sweeping until after "streets are cleared to the curb and gutters are free of ice and snow." Fans of cleaner streets in the North End, the South End and Beacon Hill, where street sweeping normally starts in March, will have to wait for "a thaw and large scale melting," the department said, adding that also means daytime parking restrictions will not apply there, either. The DPW says it will send out notices when the streets are fit to sweep
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