St. Lucy Society Sponsors Perkins School Annual Easter Egg Hunt

  On Saturday, March 28, 2015, members from the St. Lucy Society headed out to the Perkins School for the Blind to attend their Annual Easter Egg hunt.  There were many “beeping” Easter Eggs hidden throughout the school gym and […]

Play North End Pac-Man for April Fool’s Day

The folks at Google Maps have brought the classic arcade game, Pac-Man, to life on the streets. In what appears to be an April Fool’s “feature,” you can make any street map into working Pac-Man board. In the screenshot above, Pac-Man […]
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You gotta have ahts? Not in Boston you don't

The city that gave us Wicked Free WiFi and set up for downloading a parking-meter app is getting a bit tired of calling the Boston Arts Festival the Boston Ahts Festival.
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Life is Good

In partnership with Life Is Good, Greg Grady Sr. and his son sculpted a giant Adirondack chair and beach ball out of snow in the middle of Dewey Square.
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North End Attorney Selected: To Serve on ONE in 3 Council

Harris Street resident Jessica Lucia Frattaroli, a graduate of Boston College and Boston College Law School, has been named to serve on Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s ONEin3 Council. Frattaroli, a member of the Massachusetts Bar will be working with other members on city projects aimed at maximizing the talents of Boston’s 20-34-year-old demographic, which is one-third of the city’s total population. The 28-year-old, North End resident will serve as a direct link between young adults and city officials, supported by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA). The daughter of Fillipo and Anna Frattaroli, owners of Fillipo Ristorante on Causeway Street, will participate in an action oriented group tasked with brainstorming, creating and carrying out projects that directly impact the lives of ...
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North End residents group wants ban on space savers reports the North End/Waterfront Residents Association voted 25-7 to ask the city to give them the same sort of space-saver ban the South End has. The resolution also supports towing cars in the way of street sweepers. Neighborhood residents saw significant vandalism and threats as a result of these space saving efforts.
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