Harbor Towers Trustees: Chiofaro’s Proposal Is Too Big

The following letter and summary comes from the Trustees of Harbor Towers Tower I and II condominiums to the Boston Redevelopment Authority. The letter strongly opposes the Chiofaro Company plan for redevelopment of the Harbor Garage presented at the June […]

Notable News: High Demand for Condos and Uber Boat Service, Mirabella Pool Date Review

The “Notable News” post is your one stop shop of North End / Waterfront News from outside sources. From blogs, to newspapers and more, we find what has been in the news pertaining to the neighborhood. The following is a compilation of articles from alternate news […]
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Showing Support

State Senator Anthony Petruccelli (whose district includes the North End) is shown surrounded by a number of supporting elected officials, many domestic workers and Governor Deval Patrick signing the Labor and Enforcement bill. The bill was sponsored by Senator Petruccelli.
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NEWRA Opposes Restaurant Location Change

An occupancy change, an entertainment addition and a presentation on recycling were part of the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) monthly meeting agenda. The public community meeting was well attended and numerous NEWRA Committee reports and updates from local officials were presented. Both State Representative Aaron Michlewitz and Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina spoke about license bills still in the legislature. Discussions focused on a 4am closure for bars and restaurants, equal distribution in needed areas and transferring the State controlled Liquor License Board to the City of Boston. Representative Michlewitz felt that the transfer of the control would pass and Councilor LaMattina completely supports the change to city control. If enacted, the mayor would nominate members with the City ...
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You can always bank on a saint's procession on a summer weekend in the North End

Joe Harrington watched the St. Rocco procession on Hanover Street yesterday. Copyright Joe Harrington. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.
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Citizen complaint of the day: Beer podcasters are the worst

An irate citizen complains about some neighbors on Charter Street in the North End: Obnoxious 1st floor renters loudly taping beer rating podcast and making sexist jokes keeping folks awake, followed by marijuana smoke rising into our windows. Add to the list of problem north end properties. Absentee landlord...
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