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Norwood Wrestling

After having been a head coach at Beaver Country Day School, an assist coach at Catholic Memorial and Needham High School, Phil Mastro is taking over the reigns as the Norwood wrestling coach this year. The first-year Mustang coach is looking to improve the grapplers positioning in the tournament while bringing a new style of wrestling to the Bay State Conference.
Norwood Town News

Breast Cancer Walk A Success

The Soggie Doggie held their 2nd Annual Breast in Show Walk late fall and was again met with many eager two and four-legged friends to join in the cause. In total, 84 people and 59 dogs attended the three-mile walk throughout the Norwood streets. They also raised just shy of $4,000, an impressive total, that will go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
Norwood Town News

Norwood, Walpole and Westwood Fire Departments Band Together to Keep Norwood Safe

The Norwood Fire Department received a call on Saturday, December 13, for a fire in a home on Prospect Street at8:28 p.m. Firefighters arrived in less than four minutes to find fire coming out of the right side of the bungalow style home. All residents were reported to have evacuated the home prior to the fire department’s arrival. Access to the fire was initially impeded by home conditions, but firefighters were able to perform a primary victim search while locating the room on fire.
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