Friends of the Blue Hills

✔ Yes on Question 2 – for a cleaner Blue Hills!

✔ Yes on Question 2 – for a better environment – and a cleaner Blue Hills! A YES vote on Question 2 on November 4 will finally update a successful 32-year-old law—the 1982 Bottle Bill—to include five cent deposits on water bottles and sports drinks—which we see more and more on our Little League Fields, floating in our streams, and strewn in our parks. Voting YES on Question 2 to update the Bottle Bill will: reduce the water bottle and sports drinks litter that turns our streets and parks like our Blue Hills into an eyesore. increase recycling [...]
Friends of the Blue Hills

The Blue Hills: Archaeological Wonder of Epic Proportions

Joe Bagley, Boston City Archaeologist Friends of the Blue Hills Keynote Annual Celebration October 9, 2014 In 2002, I found myself on the shores of Naskeag Point, Maine overlooking Mt. Desert Island on my first archaeological dig. I was mere months from beginning college at Boston University’s Archaeology program hoping, desperately, that I would enjoy the experience of spending a day leaning over a hole in the ground digging up bits of broken things. One lunch break, our crew was brought to the nearby beach for a demonstration. I was handed truncated deer antler and a chunk of blue stone [...]
Friends of the Blue Hills

Sunset Hike to the Top Oct 18

Join us for the best view of fall colors and a sunset from the top of Great Blue!
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