Friends of the Blue Hills
Friends of the Blue Hills

Green up the Blue Hills May 31

Team Up with Friends of the Blue Hills to Green Up the Blue Hills! You are invited to join the Friends of the Blue Hills for a spring festival of stewardship and fun.  The annual Green Up will be held on Sunday, May 31, from 1 p.m.-3:30 p.m. at the Ponkapoag AMC Cabins.  You will enjoy music, face painting, crafts and a scavenger hunt while helping with an essential task: pulling up invasive weeds that threaten the Blue Hills.  You can park at Temple Beth David, 1060 Randolph Street, Canton.  It is a short, scenic walk from the parking lot [...]
Friends of the Blue Hills

Sample language for a bequest to FBH

Through a bequest (or a gift in your Will), you may leave FBH a specific dollar amount, or all or a percentage of your estate.   You may stipulate whether your bequest is unrestricted support, or for a specific purpose. Here is sample language that you can show your lawyer: “After fulfilling all other specific provisions, I give, bequeath and devise % of the reminder of my estate (or $ if a specific amount) to Friends of the Blue Hills Charitable Trust. (Tax ID 04-2627412) at the current address of P.O. Box 416, Milton, MA 02186.” Learn  more about the Skyline [...]
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