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Police Investigating Shooting of Chelsea Youth on Friday

 Police continue an active investigation into the murder of 18-year-old Andres Jaramillo last Friday morning in his car, which was parked on Garfield Avenue near the Garfield School. A spokesman for the Suffolk County DA said there have been no arrests made as of Tuesday, but that leads are being followed. Revere Police responded to an outdoor scene on Garfield Avenue shortly after 2 a.m. Friday morning to find the victim, Jaramillo, inside a vehicle suffering from fatal injuries. The Suffolk County State Police Detective Unit, which has jurisdiction over death investigations in Revere, also responded to the scene, as did uniformed troopers and additional specialized State Police units. Revere Police Chief Joseph Cafarelli and Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. ...
Revere Journal - Revere Massachusetts Newspaper

Councillors Meet Despite Snowstorm

 REVERE – Despite the impending snowy weather the city council did meet Monday night to do some business.  The council approved a request for a 34 vehicle underground parking garage at 525 Beach St. The approval was necessary to obtain a “flammables” permit due to the gasoline in the vehicles. The 30 unit development is just about 80 percent complete and should be ready for people to move into in March. The council also approved a request from the mayor to implement the 40U Program. This will enable the city to have public hearings for non-criminal tickets. The hearings will take place at the police station. “The issue is that these tickets tend to go into a black hole,” said ...
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State of the City Address by Mayor Rizzo

Story by Revere Advocate News     Mayor Dan Rizzo has often said that Revere is a “city on the rise,” and at his State of the City address Monday before a packed council chamber, he offered a roadmap in an attempt to show the city just how far. “For some time now, we’ve talked […]
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