Vintage Rockport

Two Views Of Artists On The Headlands, c. 1930 and 1945

As evidence that some things never change, here are two postcards, roughly 15 years apart, showing artists painting Rockport’s picturesque harbor from above it on The Headlands. One is just as likely to encounter the same scene today (in warmer … Continue reading →
Vintage Rockport

Thatchers Twin Lights, From Turks Head Inn, c. 1910

This undated postcard shows a view of the Twin Lights of Thacher Island as seen from the Turk’s Head Inn, which formerly stood at the location of the present-day Cape Hedge Inn. The inn was originally constructed in 1888 or … Continue reading →
Vintage Rockport

Rockport Harbor in Winter, c. 1935-1955

I found this image on the Web. Like another I have showing Rockport harbor in winter, it was taken by photographer Arthur Griffin. The date of the photo is identified only as sometime between 1935 and 1955.  Griffin was a … Continue reading →
Vintage Rockport

Bailey Cottage, Pigeon Cove, built 1896

This cottage sits at the corner of Ocean Ave. and Haven Ave. in Pigeon Cove. The caption indicates it was built in 1896. As you can see from the photo below, it is still there, now with its front porch … Continue reading →
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