Best Blizard Timelapse

So far, this is my favorite timelapse of the storm. Pay close attention to Minute 2:30 when the cleanup begins Neighborhoods: BostonRoslindaleFree tagging: timelapsejunoblizardTopics: Community journalismWeather

Fire and ice

See it larger. Franklin Einspruch reports his neighbor's snow removal didn't go too well this morning, at Metropolitan Avenue near Poplar in Roslindale.

Roslindale gets a cowork space

Self-employed Roslindale residents no longer have to travel out of the neighborhood if they want some office space. Micah Perlin recently opened Rozzie Cowork at 85 Robert St. (that brick building across from Fallon Field).

Distractions are Necessary to Get Things Done

As an INTJ personality type, one area of potential conflict and misunderstanding I experience in working with detail-motivated people like ISTJs is how differently we approach tasks and how apt we both are to judge others who don’t do “what we would do.” One thing I find interesting about my job is learning about medical issues: a rule […]

Collecting Thoughts

Four years ago, I wrote a post simplifying my plan in life to the “4 R’s:” Read, Run, Write, Ride. Of course, there’s a lot more to life–such as family and work–but I observed that for me, a great deal of personal satisfaction came from those pursuits which fit into and anchored my life. I got […]
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