Sharon Public Library

Sat, Feb 28, 2015 -- Upcycled Books! at 1:00 PM

The books at the Sharon Public Library are in a constant state of use. Because many of our books get so much love, after a while they become too damaged to read. However, rather than dispose of these books, we'd rather upcycle them! Join us for a crafting event each month, as we experiment with different ways to find new uses for old books.  This program is open to everyone. However, there will be sharp objects and/or hot glue at some of the events, so parental supervision is required.  Location: Cynthia B. Fox Community Room, Sharon Public Library
Sharon Public Library

Sat, Feb 28, 2015 -- Freedom of Space: Meditation at 10:30 AM

Have you been making New Year's resolutions? Have you been keeping them? It seems like a lot of people want to improve themselves, make a change in their lives, and try new things. Why, then, is it so hard to do that? Why do we keep doing the same things again and again, even when we want to branch out? We will look at habits, and how to work with them, in this talk. There will be silent meditation, a talk, and time for some discussion. This talk is open to anyone and everyone, but especially those who are interested in starting a meditation practice.
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Perfect Time to Prepare Your Home for Sale!

Perfect Time to Prepare Your Home for Sale! This is the view from our front porch this afternoon. The snow is up to the top step and almost covering our fence. It's still snowing, too!  If you're looking to buy a house in Sharon MA, it's a bit frustrating right now. Showings get cancelled because buyers simply can't get out and homeowners don't want people tracking snow into their houses. However, if you are planning to sell your home this Spring, it's the perfect time to get ready!   First, let's set up a time to meet so you can tell me more about your time frame and your house. I'd love to hear what features attracted you to your house.  After that, we can sit ...
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