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City: Can't sweep streets with all that snow and ice out there

Boston's DPW announced today it's holding off on the annual re-start of street sweeping until after "streets are cleared to the curb and gutters are free of ice and snow." Fans of cleaner streets in the North End, the South End and Beacon Hill, where street sweeping normally starts in March, will have to wait for "a thaw and large scale melting," the department said, adding that also means daytime parking restrictions will not apply there, either. The DPW says it will send out notices when the streets are fit to sweep
South End

Water-main break forces evacuation of South End building

Firefighters and police are at 564 Massachusetts Ave., where a cracked water main has put four feet of water into the basement and sent water bubbling up through the sidewalk outside.
South End

Trolley smoking at Brookline Village, train dead at Mass. Ave.

It's not usually a good sign when smoke starts pouring out of a trolley, as Emily shows us around 4:40 p.m. She reports the train was evacuated. Brookline FD showed up and took care of whatever was causing the smoke and the T made preparations to have the train towed away (and shot?) so that service could resume. Not long after, passengers had to get off an inbound Orange Line train at Mass. Ave. due to brake issues.
Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

No February meeting; Clean that snow

With yet another large accumulation on our doorstep, the February ESNA Business meeting has been cancelled.   We'll resume our monthly schedule on Tuesday, March 10th.     However, if anyone is interested maybe we can have an ESNA social night and complain about the snow while having some fun - Foleys has Trivia on Tuesdays, and Cathedral Station has trivia on Wednesdays...  let us know if this sounds interesting.Speaking of snow, thanks to all ESNA residents who are clearing away all this snow.   Most of the sidewalks are looking pretty good, given the amount of snow we've been getting.   NA leaders are in contact with DPW to try and get some of the larger snow accumulations in ...
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