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“Elf” sighting at Wellesley basketball game

“Elf” star Will Ferrell is known to visit family in Needham around the holidays. Ferrell was also spotted Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Wellesley as well as at City Sports on Christmas Eve. At our Freshmen Girls Basketball game “@katiewilson327: Found elf!!” — Wellesley Raiders (@wellesleysports) December 23, 2014 RELATED: Our kids suspect Will […]
The Swellesley Report

Fundraiser aims to help Wellesley trainer who lost home to fire

A $25K fundraising campaign has been launched by co-workers of Kevin Wagner, a physical therapist at Train Boston in Wellesley whose family will be displaced from its Beverly, Mass., home until at least mid-2015 following a fire at the dwelling last week. While no one was hurt during the 1-alarm blaze, Wagner, his wife and 4 […]
The Swellesley Report

Strange school bus episode in Wellesley

A dispute Monday afternoon on a late bus serving Wellesley Middle School and High School students sparked a call to the police and a little noise on social media, but the School Department says the matter was sorted out without anyone’s safety being compromised. The school system issued a note to parents of students who take […]
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12 Great Wine Values for Gifting Available Now at Empire Wine

I've been doing some holiday gift basket shopping online the past couple weeks. While I like the idea of a [hopefully] polished presentation there's undeniable uplift in the cost of most gift baskets and wine is no exception.For one family in particular I just wanted to get them a tasty case of red wine. And especially since they live in New York, Empire Wine came to mind. Their inventory was fresh in my mind after stopping in for a visit to their Albany store front on the way back from Cooperstown with our boys last month.I was thinking if there was a Wine Deal Hall of Fame, Empire Wine would be a first ballot shoe in. They just consistently carry ...
The Wellesley Wine Press

Deal Alert: 10% (or more?) Whole Foods Gift Card Promo

My Massachusetts-based Whole Foods Market has returned with a terrific promotion they ran last year:Purchase $500 or more in Whole Foods Market Gift Cards and get 10% back in a gift card for yourself.When I first saw this last year I thought for sure there was a catch. Like, for example, the additional 10% bonus gift card wasn't good until the next day. Or the 10% gift card expired in a few weeks (the way so many bonus restaurant gift cards this time of year do).But there was no catch. I walked up to the customer service desk, bought a $500 gift card and I received $550 worth of gift cards.In its simplest sense this is an opportunity to prepay ...
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