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The Swellesley Report turns 9

The Swellesley Report is now nine years old, and you know what that means: We’re only 1 year away from 10-year-anniversary celebrations and  tacky memorabilia. Thank you for all your tips, photos, feedback and reader/advertising support during 2014. In addition to following us here, be sure to keep up with us on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook […]
The Swellesley Report

Wellesley Cotillion commentary

Every December since the 1940s, Wellesley private and public school juniors and seniors have received by mail heavy card stock invitations in creamy envelopes cordially inviting them to Cotillion, an annual formal dance often held in Boston, and organized by the Cotillion Committee. The Committee is made up of the students’ parents, and these parents […]
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12 Great Wine Values for Gifting Available Now at Empire Wine

I've been doing some holiday gift basket shopping online the past couple weeks. While I like the idea of a [hopefully] polished presentation there's undeniable uplift in the cost of most gift baskets and wine is no exception.For one family in particular I just wanted to get them a tasty case of red wine. And especially since they live in New York, Empire Wine came to mind. Their inventory was fresh in my mind after stopping in for a visit to their Albany store front on the way back from Cooperstown with our boys last month.I was thinking if there was a Wine Deal Hall of Fame, Empire Wine would be a first ballot shoe in. They just consistently carry ...
The Swellesley Report

Wellesley Chief argues in favor of police body cameras

The Boston Globe is running an interesting pro/con package this weekend in which Wellesley Police Chief Terrence Cunningham and Newton Police Officer Richard Clements debate the use of body cameras by police officers. Cunningham is in favor, arguing in part that it will give the police a fair shake in a world where many police […]
The Wellesley Wine Press

Deal Alert: 10% (or more?) Whole Foods Gift Card Promo

My Massachusetts-based Whole Foods Market has returned with a terrific promotion they ran last year:Purchase $500 or more in Whole Foods Market Gift Cards and get 10% back in a gift card for yourself.When I first saw this last year I thought for sure there was a catch. Like, for example, the additional 10% bonus gift card wasn't good until the next day. Or the 10% gift card expired in a few weeks (the way so many bonus restaurant gift cards this time of year do).But there was no catch. I walked up to the customer service desk, bought a $500 gift card and I received $550 worth of gift cards.In its simplest sense this is an opportunity to prepay ...
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