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Students at West Roxbury high school will not go gentle into that good night

West Roxbury Academy students plan a protest outside City Hall tomorrow over BPS plans to shut their school and send them somewhere else in the system. A T rider forwarded photos of fliers posted on the wall on the outbound Orange Line platform at State Street this morning calling for the protest between 4 and 6 p.m. outside City Hall.
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Park in the snow

Beyond some plowing in the main parking lot, the city has left the upper level of Millennium Park untouched, leading to vast expanses of white. You can see where the more intrepid few have fallen through the snow as they try to walk over the path - except for the one prepared person who shushed around on snow shoes.
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BPS names five schools to be shut this year

West Roxbury Academy, in the West Roxbury Education Complex, slated for closure. Interim Boston School Superintendent John McDonough last night released the names of the five schools he says need to be shut this year to save money: Community Academy in Jamaica Plain, Middle School Academy in South Boston, Rogers Middle School in Hyde Park, Elihu Greenwood Leadership Academy in Hyde Park and West Roxbury Academy. BPS says that with a $40 million to $50 million shortfall in the coming fiscal year's budget, these schools are too small to keep operating.
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State House Celebrates White Ribbon Day

  By Pat O’Rourke BU News Service Jane Doe Inc., the Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, celebrated Massachusetts White Ribbon Day on Thursday. An event was held at the State House to recognize the day and raise awareness of violence against women. The theme of the event was ‘reimagine manhood’, encouraging men [...]
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Making Virtual Reality a Reality

Virtual reality technologies such as Oculus Rift and Magic Leap are becoming increasingly popular outside of the “gamer” crowd, but what could this trend mean for the development of young minds?
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Bad News for Big Babies: The Elephant Fertility Crisis

Baby elephants are among the most adorable infants of the animal kingdom, with their oversize floppy ears, tiny soft eyes, and fuzzy rounded backs. But despite their popularity in American zoos, these babies are all too rare: Captive elephants are facing a population crash.
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