New England Wildlife Center

Medicating a Sulcata

This is a photo of Dr. Mertz administering medication to a Sulcata tortoise in Odd Pet Vet. This little guy tested positive for parasites on his fecal exam, so he is currently receiving Fenbendazole, which is an excellent anti-parasitic. It’s often difficult to make turtles take their medicine, so in order to make sure that he gets better Dr. Mertz has been tubing it down the esophagus, as you can see here. The issue is completely treatable, and he should be feeling much better soon.
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The Week Ahead: March 2-8

February was a tough one here on the South Shore as we got pummeled by one snow storm after another. But March is a new month, full of fun things to do! Be sure to check out our pick of the week!
New England Wildlife Center

Blizzard Goose Release

This is a Canada Goose that was admitted to NEWC suffering from hypothermia and malnutrition, like many of the other animals with us at the moment. Fortunately this guy’s condition wasn’t awful, so with some time to rest, plenty of food, and constant warmth, he was ready for release. We found him a nice spot with open water and some other geese already in the area
South Shore Mamas

St. Patrick’ Day Parades & Events on the South Shore

Find St. Patrick's Day parades and family friendly events on the South Shore!
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