New England Wildlife Center

Girl Scout Tour

This is a photo of Girl Scout Troop 76034 getting to know one of our resident Sulcata tortoises during a tour of NEWC They were awesome to have at the Center, very eager to learn and a great group!
New England Wildlife Center

Raccoon Babies

Last week, several baby raccoons were dropped off at NEWC as orphans after being found in someone’s basement. This is a sad but not uncommon situation, as many raccoons show up to us orphaned every year. In this case though, there was a happier ending than normal. The homeowner actually set humane traps around her house looking for the mother raccoon, and she managed to find her! A few days after the babies came in, the mother was brought in as well. We were cautious at first, because we couldn’t be sure that this was their mother and not a totally different raccoon, but when she was introduced to the babies in a carefully controlled and supervised environment she immediately ...
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Inbox Management Part I: Folders & Filters

Is your inbox out of control? Do you dread logging in to see how many emails await you? We will show you how to tame that insanity with folders and filters!
South Shore Mamas

Birthdays at New England Sports Academy {Review}

Read all about how NESA does birthday parties!
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