South Shore Mamas

2015 Memorial Day Weekend Parades & Discounts

This Memorial Day, honor those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom at local parades around the South Shore.
South Shore Mamas

Free Fun Fridays are Back for 2015!

Free Fun Fridays are back for 2015! Enjoy FREE admission to 70 different museums & attractions in Massachusetts this summer.
New England Wildlife Center

Cuban Anole

This Cuban Anole was just in Odd Pet Vet for a check up. They are arboreal lizards, active during the daytime. When young they eat mostly insects, however as they age they start eating larger prey such as lizards, small mammals, and even birds. Although native to Cuba, they were introduced to South Florida in the 1950s. They spread rapidly, and are now a common sight.
New England Wildlife Center

Owl Update

Our little Great Horned Owl is doing well! He’s perfectly healthy now, and we’re in the process of placing him in a foster nest with a new owl family. This is a picture of him as we were about to feed him his dinner. He’s still a bit too young to eat on his own, so we have to hold him and help him with the food. Also, our raffle is still open until midnight tonight! Last day to get a chance at those wonderful concert tickets Anyone donating 10 dollars or more gets entered for a chance to win. Just head to our page at:
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