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Russell Street incident ends without serious injury

WOBURN - A tense, 3-hour standoff ended with a West Woburn man being transported to Winchester Hospital after he fired a shot from a handgun in his home, Thursday afternoon.
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Galvin, DiTucci spar again over Clapp School

WOBURN - Mayor Scott Galvin and Ward 1 Alderman Rosa DiTucci squared off again this week at a meeting of the City Council's Liaison Committee about the disposition of the Clapp Elementary School on Ar
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Clear out that Clutter!

As the holidays approach, do you ever find your home filling up with junk? Whether it's leftovers, noisome relatives, or stacks of old appliances, you need to clear out that clutter and live an easier life. Also, with the holidays coming up, it might be time to improve your current appliance selection. If only you could get rid of that old TV or A/C before Black Friday... Medeiros Crew ...
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Y Volunteer? YMCA Volunteer Social, That's Why!

Do you volunteer? Do you want to learn about more opportunities in the area, or network with other local volunteers? The North Suburban YMCA is hosting a Volunteer Social for local volunteers! This event is free, and welcomes any volunteer in the area. This is a chance for you to meet others who are actively engaged in their community. The event is on Wednesday, October 29 at 6:30pm at ...
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Be an Everyday Superhero

Are you an everyday superhero? Looking for ways to help? Or an opportunity to volunteer? While you may not be able to fly or have super strength, there are ways you can be a hero this season. The Council of Social Concern is starting their 29th Annual Holiday Food Project and needs help to ensure the comfort and food security of those in Woburn and Winchester who seek its ...
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